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Recent Projects

Community Engagement Platform

Client: A community foundation that works to improve the economic outlook for youth wanted a web platform to act as a dynamic resource for women and girls interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and careers.

Result: STEMhub is the first online resource to serve as a clearinghouse for women and girls in the North Bay to learn about regional STEM-related opportunities such as classes, meetups, events, seminars, careers and conferences. It is designed to connect “learners” – those interested in pursuing STEM education or career pathways – with “mentors” who are already working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

Delivered: Technology stack: Laravel/PHP, MySQL, Vue, JavaScript

Event Management Software

Client: An events management company needed forms, a database and report functions.

Result: Client is able to enter, store, edit and display data about participants'air travel, ground transportation and scheduled meetings. A variety of reports were then available. reports were for internal use while others were to download or copy into emails to share with clients.
Delivered: Technology stack: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

Math Problem Sets

Client: A non-profit that helps students explore and prepare for science careers through being exposed to scientists and doing math problems, wanted multiple sets of interactive math problems.

Result:Math4Science's Explore Math problem sets. A set of 10 problems with 4-5 questions about each. Students can see a simplified version of the question and get hints. Client did not want multiple choice so answers are typed in and checked. Delivered: Technology stack: Angular, JavaScript, JSON

Blogging Platform

Client: A group of friends wanted to create their own blogging platform with specific privacy levels.

Result: BlogCozy (no longer available online)

Delivered: Technology stack: SocialEngine CMS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

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