In February, I was pleased to be invited to give a talk with the title “Digital Nomadding in the Time of COVID” at the 2022 Laracon. You can watch the full talk below (and then hop around if you want to hear other people sharing great information about Laravel, my PHP programming platform of choice. It’s been an interesting time to be a digital nomad to say the least, and I talked about the differences between traveling while working in 2019 and doing so in 2021-22.

Next month, I’ll be presenting a talk at the WomenTech Network Global Conference with the title “Freelancing as a Ticket to Travel.” I’ll discuss my experiences as a digital nomad and software developer over the past few years, during which I’ve spent time in 12 countries. In this talk, I’ll be giving focus to special issues for women as freelancers and travelers.

I have a complimentary ticket to the full WomenTech conference that I would like to share with one of the people (randomly selected) who comments here or at my LinkedIn post, telling me what other talk at the conference you’d like to hear.