Event Management Software


An events management company that works with Latin America’s biggest banks on investor conferences and road shows needed forms, a database and report functions.


Client is able to enter, store, edit and display data about a corporate conference with small group meetings. A separate database allows them to enter and retrieve information about participants’ air travel, ground transportation and scheduled meetings. The client is able to email participating companies and individuals with their daily agendas and travel arrangements. A variety of reports are available, both for internal use and to download or copy into emails to share with clients.

Features Delivered:

  • Fresh databases for each event
  • Registration and travel forms
  • Internal forms to enter a variety of information.
  • Ability to review all travel or meeting details for a company or single executive
  • Ability to email companies and investors with their agendas and travel details
  • Other tailored reports (e.g. 2 teams with different members requiring both joint and separate reports)

Technology stack: 

Laravel/PHP, MySQL, JavaScript