I recall my fleeting instants in Savannah as the taste of a cup charged to the brim.
― Henry James

This spring, once Covid vaccines were available, I started talking with my Dad about celebrating his 90th Birthday in person, with as many family members as we could. We went back and forth on the wisdom of it, but in the end decided to go for it, utilizing the outdoor space of his favorite restaurant and asking folks to get tests. I flew back from Dammam in mid-November, a 30 hour journey from apartment to Jacksonville hotel, with stops in Doha and New York City, and PCR tests coming and going.

I had a long layover at JFK, and my friend Z and her daughter came to see me and check out the groovy re-imagined TWA Flight Center:

The future, as imagined in 1960

My motivation for the long trip was high. This was the first time in 45 years that all 6 children from my father’s first two marriages were all in the same room. We were joined by my step-mother, two of her children, a grandchild and two great-grandchildren from that side of the family, plus my niece and a cousin and her two daughters!


St. Augustine

When I expressed admiration for Spanish architecture to someone in the past year, they recommended that I check out St. Augustine the next time I was in Florida. As it is just an hour from the site of our party, I suggested it to my sister, with whom I spent a few days traveling. And sure enough, I was enthralled.

Flagler College

Above: The Lightner Museum / Below: City Hall


Then we headed north to Savannah, a town I had read of in many books but never visited in person. I can’t remember another city other than Paris that has exceeded my high expectations the way Savannah did! I couldn’t get enough of the architecture, the trees and the delicious food.

Above: Juliette Gordon Low’s house (Girl Scout founder – our entertaining bike tour guide said we were lucky that Covid was keeping away the droves of Scouts who come to earn a badge by making the pilgrimage to “The Birthplace”!

Below: Forsyth Park and Spanish moss on live oak

Spied in one of Savannah’s beautifully adorned squares:

I flew back only 9 days after I’d arrived, and my body and brain were not amused. I’m finally recovered now, a week later and am hoping my U.S. friends enjoyed Thanksgiving and/or are recovering from that!

Lighthouse, Tybee Island, GA