There’s a vastness here and I believe that the people who are born here breathe that vastness into their soul. They dream big dreams and think big thoughts, because there is nothing to hem them in.

― Conrad Hilton

Two weeks after I drove from Austin back to Colorado, my husband returned from Saudi Arabia. Two weeks later, we drove back to Texas, to Houston this time. We’ve been here for about 2 1/2 months, enjoying this vibrant, multi-cultural, progressive, cosmopolitan city.

View of the downtown Houston skyline from a rooftop gathering spot on top of a multi-restaurant venue called POST.

The WaterWall near the Galleria.

Had to get to a baseball game, obviously:

We’re very pleased that even in the middle of one of the country’s largest cities, we can hang out next to trees and water at the arboretum:

Or take a half-hour drive to a state park:

Where you can see different landscapes and trees than one might find in Colorado (or Saudi Arabia, or Spain)…

And up the road are more cities to explore, like San Antonio, less than 3 hours away:

Or Galveston and her beaches, about an hour to the south:

Looking forward to exploring more…