Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.
― Gustave Flaubert

Caves, Souqs, Date Trees

Al Hofuf, Saudi Arabia, is a one-hour train ride from Dammam.

Al Qarah Rock Formation

The region is known for its prolific date production. We were told there are millions of date and palm trees in the area, and we saw proof of this everywhere we went.

The big draw of the trip (besides just going anywhere besides the compound!) for me was the promise of cool rocks and caves. And Al Qarah “Mountain” delivered!



We also had a chance to visit a souq, a traditional market. We got there too close to prayer time, so there weren’t as many stores open or people there, but I enjoyed witnessing some good bargaining going on by a trio of ladies!


Below a delicious array of hummus flavors (strawberry, garlic and mint!). My goal is to make a tour of hummus throughout the Middle East!

We went to a more modern market in the evening. Left is us enjoying a bizarre medley of toppings on french fries.

Until next time, maʿas-salaama (farewell, or literally “with peace/safety”)